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In the Meadow

Hello there my style maven’s, it’s so nice to be among the land of the living.  The past two weeks have been filled with PJ’s and a very sexy and chic sling, so my blog fodder is running thin, but I NEEDED … Continue reading

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Walking Softly in the Woods

The ground is a bit wet and mushy, and I’m attempting to tread gingerly here, but it looks a bit like I’m trying out for the U.S. balance beam team. I would flunk that try-out, just so you know.  I … Continue reading

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Getting Brave in the Parking Garage

We found ourselves out and about the other night and I brought the camera along with the hopes that I’d be brave enough to get some “on location” shots. I look like I’m up to no good.  Although, I’m happy … Continue reading

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It’s NOT the End of the World

  I’m happy to report that the world did NOT end on Saturday.  This fact makes me quite happy, as I have lots of stuff I still need to get done. Not to mention that my birthday is coming up … Continue reading

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Hammock Time

Last weekend Ad-man and I went out with friends to celebrate our Anniversary, oysters and cocktails – yummy!!!  It was cool and rainy so I needed to be somewhat warm.  Welcome to New England, I hope you brought your coat and … Continue reading

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Me and My Shadow

This isn’t a work outfit, I actually wore it last weekend to do errands.  The dragon shirt is showing up again, but it did get washed between wearings,  so no worries about smelly pits, (although I really appreciate your concern in regard my hygiene;) … Continue reading

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Jeans Week – The Final Chapter

We can all give a collective sigh of relief, jean’s week is now complete.  Our goals have been met, and we shall live to see another day. This is my first attempt at the cuffed skinny jean look.  I’m not … Continue reading

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Jeans Week – Day Four

I’m running short of funky jean inspired outfits.  Its gonna be close…. This jacket was a Gap sale rack purchase, and I never know how to style it. Just goes to prove that sale does not always = good idea.  One … Continue reading

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Jeans Week – Day 3

Welcome to “hump day.” It’s looking like we’re going to meet our dead-line at work.  Clearly all the casual dress is making us work like busy little bees.  Although I’ve actually read ( can’t remember my source ) that when you dress … Continue reading

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Jeans Week – Day 2

Holy cow,  permission to dress casual makes getting ready in the morning a whole lot easier.  I’m enjoying this, but sort of happy we can’t do it all time. I fear it may turn me “fashion-soft” and allow me to get bit lazy. … Continue reading

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