It’s NOT the End of the World


I’m happy to report that the world did NOT end on Saturday.  This fact makes me quite happy, as I have lots of stuff I still need to get done. Not to mention that my birthday is coming up and I’d hate to miss all that love:)

If you are sick of seeing me in jeans, I could not agree more.  But New England is being very unkind to us, and it continues to hover in the 50’s with drizzly rain.   Not cold enough for boots, but not warm enough to bust out the summer dresses and bare legs. 

Ooooh look, a rare toe sighting….

Perhaps the sun will come out tomorrow.  It’s after all not the end of the world.

Shirt – Lucky Brand
Jeans – Joes
Peep toe shoes – Aerosoles
Necklace – Lucky via Macys

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6 Responses to It’s NOT the End of the World

  1. That floral top is SO pretty! How could we get tired of seeing you in jeans? You look fabulous, dahling! 🙂

    It’s so sad the way some people were really kind of worried about the end of the world. I ran into a woman at the pharmacy who was panicking when she heard the news of the volcano erupting in Iceland. On the bright side, it’s a reminder to enjoy the present! 🙂

    • Its amazing to me that people fall for that kinda stuff. I’ve worked in the medical field my whole adult life, and the most valuable lesson that I’ve learned is that none of us can count on tomorrow, so make the most of every second.

  2. Shybiker says:

    Great top. It suits you perfectly. You look so pretty and youthful.

    What’s your secret to staying young? Is there a portrait hidden in the attic of you growing old?

    • Ah shucks, thanks so much. I think I’m blessed with really really good genes, plus I eat well and exercise. I also don’t have kids so theres no child-rearing stress in my life. Oh and make-up, it hides a world of sins 😉 Have I told you recently how you make me grin with each and every comment? Well you DO!

  3. I think you look fabulous in jeans and our weather hasn’t been much better, so I need the inspiration on how to wear my jeans.

  4. I’m glad the world didn’t end, too. An early birthday wish to you, too, darlin’. Hope New England warms up soon so you can start wearing those summer dresses!
    🙂 f
    The House in the Clouds

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