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Stand Back

  This outfit is something that Stevie Nicks would wear to the rodeo.  Okay all my readers under the age of thirty, go google who Stevie Nicks is.  I’ll wait….     See what I mean?     Black lace skirt – … Continue reading

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Seasonal Limbo

Ah, mid-September, what a beautiful season you are, the light has a dramatic amber glow, the leaves are just starting to change color and the temperatures are totally Schizophrenic.  One minute it’s 60 degrees and the next it’s 80.  Time for … Continue reading

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Skirt Envy

My friend showed up at work recently wearing this super cute skirt, and the moment I saw it I knew I needed one to call my own.  She had purchased it a few weeks prior at TJ Maxx.  So on my next … Continue reading

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Random Things Tossed Together

If this outfit was food I think it would have to be considered a salad.  Take a little of this and a little of that, toss together and there you have it – “outfit salad.” If this look was a … Continue reading

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Walking on Sunshine

Nearly every item of summer clothing I own is in the ironing basket, so this is what I could pull together without having to do much work, and induce a heat related sweat attack.  Raise your hand if you HATE to iron!  … Continue reading

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Boy do I love me some nautical inspired outfits or what?  Denim, check, stripes, check….now if I just could scare up a boat!  Anyone out there want to take a trip on the high seas? Apparently in this picture I’m … Continue reading

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A Tree Grows in New Hampshire

We planted this tree soon after moving into our house.  Now, I’m not much of a gardener, but it’s still alive and that’s saying something.  I’m also not a very good thrifter, but last week I scored this cute little linen jacket … Continue reading

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On Safari

It’s mid-April and there is no way I can wear my winter duds, but it’s still teeth chatteringly chilly.  I’m fighting this with lots and lots of layers and lightweight scarfs to keep my neck nice and toasty.  The scarf really … Continue reading

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No Title Day

I’m fresh outta good ideas for titles today.   Jacket – Ann Taylor Black pants – Gap Scarf – looooooong time ago, and I can’t recall Black Patent Loafers – Bandalino

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Home Home on the Range

This outfit as a bit of an Iowa Housewife vibe to it don’t you think?  No offence to any Iowa readers.  Although I’ve never been there myself here is what I’ve learned : “Iowa is ranked the nation’s 2nd-most livable … Continue reading

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