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THE Perfect Vest Baby!

I found this baby at Old Navy about a month ago and just knew I had to make it mine. It’s got lots of good things going for it.  First its Army green, which is a great color for my … Continue reading

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Last summer I mentioned to my husband that I had always wanted a tree swing. One trip to the hardware store and two hours later, look what I had.  How cool is that?! You may have astutely noticed that said … Continue reading

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Jeans Week – Day 2

Holy cow,  permission to dress casual makes getting ready in the morning a whole lot easier.  I’m enjoying this, but sort of happy we can’t do it all time. I fear it may turn me “fashion-soft” and allow me to get bit lazy. … Continue reading

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Years ago after a break-up and faced with boredom at my job, I packed up the u-haul and trekked cross-country with my two dogs.  I had found a pretty interesting job in El Paso, and thought… “why not?”  It was … Continue reading

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Getting Brave

I’m getting braver with the picture-taking. I’ve now ventured out to the FRONT of my house with the tripod.   The light is so much better outside, and I don’t really mind the 11 degrees, it’s the probing eyes of the neighbors … Continue reading

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Tough Girly Girl

Did you ever have one of those days where you needed to feel like a tough girl, yet still wanted to be girly,  sweet and salty, hard-edged yet soft….well this is what jumped out of the closet.  I never pre-plan … Continue reading

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Snow Day!

The weatherman said that we’ve had 4 1/2 feet of snow in the past 4 weeks.   To add insult to injury its going to be below zero for the rest of the week.  There is nothing to be done except … Continue reading

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Peace, Love and 70’s Style

The 70’s are back. Yippee!!! Now I do enjoy my skinny jeans, but I dig ( notice the 70’s lingo) the look of wide leg pants with clogs.  I suppose it brings me back to how Mom dressed me as a kid.  Angie over at … Continue reading

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Black and Red All Over

I said in a previous post that I liked color, but I’m learning that black is really the predominate color in my wardrobe.  This blogging stuff really does teach you things you may not otherwise have been aware of.  Who knew?! Maybe … Continue reading

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