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THE Perfect Vest Baby!

I found this baby at Old Navy about a month ago and just knew I had to make it mine. It’s got lots of good things going for it.  First its Army green, which is a great color for my … Continue reading

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Home, Home on the Range

Are you getting that Little House on the Prairie vibe here or am I alone with it? When I was young I really wanted to be Melissa Gilbert’s character, yearning to have a bonnet to call my own. I was a strange child, … Continue reading

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Skirt Envy

My friend showed up at work recently wearing this super cute skirt, and the moment I saw it I knew I needed one to call my own.  She had purchased it a few weeks prior at TJ Maxx.  So on my next … Continue reading

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Random Things Tossed Together

If this outfit was food I think it would have to be considered a salad.  Take a little of this and a little of that, toss together and there you have it – “outfit salad.” If this look was a … Continue reading

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Walking on Sunshine

Nearly every item of summer clothing I own is in the ironing basket, so this is what I could pull together without having to do much work, and induce a heat related sweat attack.  Raise your hand if you HATE to iron!  … Continue reading

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Out On The Lake

My cousins were up from North Caroline for a visit last week and we all decided to take a dinner cruise around Lake Sunapee.  Cause you know, that’s just want tourists do round these here parts.  ( They’re teaching me … Continue reading

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The moral of this post is, “it pays to keep stuff.”  Everything I have on with the exception of the sandals is well over 10 years old.  Before I started reading all your lovely blogs, I would never in a … Continue reading

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And They Call It Puppy-Love

So, I’m setting up my photo shoot, and 20 seconds later…. Suddenly everyone thinks they’re missing something.  Bailey – “You got anything I can eat?” Me- “No Buddy, that thing in my hand is a remote, it’s not edible. Sorry Dude.” … Continue reading

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Country Club

I suspect this might be a dress I’d wear to brunch at the Country Club.  That is, if I was a brunch eater and also if I belonged to a Country Club, both of which I do not. However, I’m … Continue reading

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Born Shoe Addict

  My name is Doreen and I’m a Born Shoe addict.  The thing that I love most is that the actual foot bed is made of leather not some synthetic material.  Leather breathes and is much more comfy on the feet.  … Continue reading

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