Just Right

I’ve spent years searching for the perfect sweater dress. It needed to not be itchy, so wool or wool blends were out.  It needed to be thick enough to not show every lump and bump but not so thick that I would swelter.  What can I say, I know what I want and I’m willing to wait to find it, but when I do, it’s a happy day indeed.

This dress fills all those criteria and then some.  Look at that happy face….

These boots are also the answer to another exhaustive search. I wanted comfy, and classic with a bit of tough girl edge.

So, the hunt is totally worth it when you bring home that “perfect something” that up until then has been illusive.  We all have that hunter instinct in us! 

Sweater Dress – Athleta
Scarf – Macys
Tights – Hue
Boots – Frye Veronica Slouch

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Happy 2012!

Well hello my fashionable bloggy friends I’ve missed you, but please know that I’ve been visiting you all on the sly ( I’m sneaky like that.)  One of the reasons I’ve been MIA is that a puppy really takes up a great deal of time, in a very good way, but it’s a time suck nonetheless and there was just no free moments for blogging.  I’m not sure how much time I can commit to this little corner of the internet, but I’m going to do my very best to toss a post up now and then, because I really do value the connections I’ve made here!

This is what I wore on New Years Eve to a party with our good friends (waves to Dale, Leslie, Hope and Rick – love you crazy kids!)

I got to ride in a Limo…..

And pretend to play in a band….

Clearly I’m quite pleased with my make-believe musical performance.

Here’s to a fun and fashionable 2012 for all of us.

xoxox Doreen

Dress – Banana Republic
Faux fur cap – Banana Republic
Shoes – Rockport (can you believe that?!) Super cute and beyond comfy
Hair – Hope Watson

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We Interupt This Blog For A PUPPY!

Meiko would like you to meet his new little friend, Cricket.  She is an 8 week old Portuguese Water Dog, and as you can plainly see, cute as a button. 

No dog will ever replace Bailey, but having a bundle of love in the house is the best cure for a broken heart.

Posting will be light for the next few weeks ( if at all ) as we all get used to a new routine.

I’m off to go smell PUPPY BREATH!


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Who Says it’s Fall?

Recently if the weather is even remotely warm I find myself reaching for my summer pieces, I just do a bit more layering.   The boots and tights need to just chill -out and be patient. Their time will come.

Winter is loooong here, and I get so sick of winter duds.  It feels like I was just getting going with the bright, fun summer stuff and the time is over.  

Let me have just a few more precious days in denial.  M’kay?

Floral skirt – Boden
Gray tank – Merona via Target
Jeweled Cardigen – Boden
Wedge Sandals – Aerosoles

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Stand Back


This outfit is something that Stevie Nicks would wear to the rodeo.  Okay all my readers under the age of thirty, go google who Stevie Nicks is.  I’ll wait….



See what I mean?



Black lace skirt – Max Studio
Chambray shirt – Ralph Lauren
Woven belt – Banana Republic
Rocker chick sandals – Nine West
Necklace and bracelet – Silpada

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THE Perfect Vest Baby!

I found this baby at Old Navy about a month ago and just knew I had to make it mine.

It’s got lots of good things going for it.  First its Army green, which is a great color for my pale skin and red hair.  Second, it has pockets, and oh, how I love pockets. And last, it has a nice waist defining drawstring.  What’s not to covet I ask you?  

You know that move where you jump into the air and click your heels?  Well, I may just have done that in the isle at the store.  It was quite a sight to behold. You really should come shopping with me, you just never know what’s gonna happen next.

Plaid Dress – Tommy Hilfiger
Vest – Old Navy ( yay )
Wedge Sandals – Born

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Tell Me About Yourself Award

The incomparable Bella of The Citizen Rosebud was kind enough to bestow this award on little old me.  It’s request was to share seven random facts about myself.  Here goes:

1.  I must have a box fan set on high in order to sleep.  It’s not for the air but rather for the white noise.  It makes international travel a challenge.

2. I’m on only child, and yes I can share thank you very much 🙂

3. My love for animals knows NO bounds.  Lassie was banned in my house when I was a child because of the uncontrollable crying whenever Lassie got stuck in the well.  I remain very sensitive to the plight of helpless critters even more so as an adult.  Give me a sad animal story and I’m a mess.  I cried for two hours after the movie My Dog Skip was over.  Please pass the tissues.

4. Being physically cold makes me cranky. I have no business living up here in the great white north.  I’m bummed about winter already and it’s not even here yet.

5. Swimming with the Dolphins last year was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. I so want to do it again.  I also want to visit an elephant refuge.  That’s the next thing on my life list.

6. I’m highly organized and quite type A.  I can put my hand on anything I own in a heartbeat and may even know where you put your stuff.

7. I wish I had always appreciated my parents the way I do today.  Mom is tough as nails and will stop at nothing to make things happen. Dad can do just about anything well and would give you his last nickel if it would make you happy.  What’s not to love and admire there?!

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Quest for Perfection

Who among us does not yearn for that perfect item of clothing, easy to wear, goes with everything and fits like a glove. 

For years now I’ve been on a quest for black pants that fit that description.  Have I had any luck?  Not so much.  I thought these would be the answer to my prayers.  They are from the Gap premium black pant collection.  In the dressing room they where divine, but after wearing them for a day and sitting in them, they are all baggy now.  The butt is baggy, the knees are also baggy, baggy = bad, bad = sad.

So tell me my fashion mavens, have any of you found that perfect pair of little black pants?

Black top – Inc. Macy’s
Black pants – Gap ( slim cropped fit )
Cardigan – J Crew Outlet
Leopard flats – Sperry
Necklace – beads – J Crew, locket – vintage from my Grandmother

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Home, Home on the Range

Are you getting that Little House on the Prairie vibe here or am I alone with it?

When I was young I really wanted to be Melissa Gilbert’s character, yearning to have a bonnet to call my own. I was a strange child, what can I say.

What TV Character did you want to be when you where a kid?

Blouse – American Eagle
Skirt – Gap
Sandals – Born

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I Do…..

I love me a good wedding!  I’m not a particularly romantic person, but no matter what the setting, church, park, country club, I turn into a mushy mess at the sight of a bride.

Ad-man’s good buddy from College recently got married and we traveled to Morristown New Jersey to attend.   As you can see it was at the local country club. La Te Da, right?

Here you can see me hijacking a golf cart.  I told you weddings make me a little bit crazy.

Dress – Kay Unger
Sandals – Cole Haan
Earrings – Landau
Shrug – Calvin Klein

Tell me what effect weddings have on you?

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