Just Right

I’ve spent years searching for the perfect sweater dress. It needed to not be itchy, so wool or wool blends were out.  It needed to be thick enough to not show every lump and bump but not so thick that I would swelter.  What can I say, I know what I want and I’m willing to wait to find it, but when I do, it’s a happy day indeed.

This dress fills all those criteria and then some.  Look at that happy face….

These boots are also the answer to another exhaustive search. I wanted comfy, and classic with a bit of tough girl edge.

So, the hunt is totally worth it when you bring home that “perfect something” that up until then has been illusive.  We all have that hunter instinct in us! 

Sweater Dress – Athleta
Scarf – Macys
Tights – Hue
Boots – Frye Veronica Slouch

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6 Responses to Just Right

  1. I can honestly say, sweater dresses are my absolute favorite article of clothing (in the winter). And THIS sweater dress of yours is GORGEOUS.Looks fabulous with the tights and boots.

  2. shybiker says:

    OMG! You’re back!

    I’m sorry I missed your last post — the NYE dress was amazing. Glamorous. And this dress is cute, too, especially with the colored tights.

    So happy to see you blogging again!

  3. Nadia Mahanor says:

    Love the Veronica slouch boots ! Which ones are yours… the black tumbled vintage or calf shine? Want them in black as well… not sure which to get. Any thoughts ?

  4. josepmbadia says:

    Lady ,
    I have a fashion blog:
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    I want to use any of your photos, I like your style. It would
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    Best regards.

    Josep-Maria Badia
    Tarragona (Spain)

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