I Do…..

I love me a good wedding!  I’m not a particularly romantic person, but no matter what the setting, church, park, country club, I turn into a mushy mess at the sight of a bride.

Ad-man’s good buddy from College recently got married and we traveled to Morristown New Jersey to attend.   As you can see it was at the local country club. La Te Da, right?

Here you can see me hijacking a golf cart.  I told you weddings make me a little bit crazy.

Dress – Kay Unger
Sandals – Cole Haan
Earrings – Landau
Shrug – Calvin Klein

Tell me what effect weddings have on you?

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7 Responses to I Do…..

  1. Shybiker says:

    Wow, you were within three hours driving distance from me. It makes me excited to think about that. You seem more “real” from this fact. Sometimes I worry you’re just a figment of my imagination, a projection of the perfect, well-dressed friend I always wanted…

    I’m way too emotional at both weddings and funerals. I usually can’t refrain from crying from the surge of emotions and, because crying is not allowed for boys, I have to conceal it by using a hanckerchief and pretending I’m coughing.

  2. Holy smokes that dress is amazing. I love the cut and the colors. You and Ad Man both look fabulous.

    Weddings evoke mixed feelings in me. They usually get me a little teary eyed but it’s partially because I don’t know that I’ll ever get married and feel sorry for myself and partially because I think it’s ridiculously wonderful that two people have found each other and are getting married.

    • Thanks a bunch Gracey! It was a gift from a dear, dear friend. It was way out of my price range, its 100% silk and I intend to wear it to every fancy pants event until the day I die. It makes me feel like a queen when I slip into it.

      In regard to weddings, I hear ya sista. I was single until I was 40! Having lived much of my adult life without a “soul mate”, I must say that there are good and bad to both. I love ad-man, he is a great guy, but I can honestly say I’m no happier now that I was when I was single, just content in a different way. Does that make sense? All that blah, blah, blah to say the grass is about the same color over here 🙂

  3. You look fabulous! This dress is gorgeous with the vibrant colors! Weddings get me choked up too! Heather

  4. Kari. says:

    You look amazing in this dress! Wow! And what a great friend for getting it for you. Can you let her know that I would be happy to be her friend too :-). Morristown — wow! Them’s my old stomping grounds! In fact, I was naturalized in the Morris County Courthouse :-). And I am with Gracey … I get very sentimental at weddings — for the same reasons. I’m so happy for the couple, but kind of jealous at the same time. I don’t necessarily want to be married, but I really want to find that best friend for me — for the emotional goods and bad, and for the physical intimacy — not just the sex (but that would be good too), but the hugs and kisses and touches. I can go days without a hug or a kiss or a gentle touch.

  5. UN-stitched says:

    That dress is amazing! I love the print, never seen anything like it and it looks like a beautiful and silky smooth, love! I find myself in tears during the toasts. I’ve been to weddings recently where the best men have been grandfathers or dads – that is just tooo sweet! Have a great week, Doreen!
    xo Christine

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