Squeezing Every Last Drop


Summer is by far my favorite season.  Most folks that live around here will tell you how lovely fall is, and I guess that can’t be denied. However as the days get shorter and the temperatures start to drop I can’t help be feel a bit sad.


While most of you are thinking about boots and chunky warm sweaters, I’m still wearing my sleeveless dresses, closing my eyes and savoring the last bit of my favorite season.

So my friends, tell me how you are feeling about the approaching chill in the air?

Dress – Tommy Hilfiger
White Denim Jacket – Gap
Sandals – J Crew

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Seasonal Limbo

Ah, mid-September, what a beautiful season you are, the light has a dramatic amber glow, the leaves are just starting to change color and the temperatures are totally Schizophrenic. 

One minute it’s 60 degrees and the next it’s 80.  Time for layers, layers and more layers.

Pants – Gap
Denim Jacket – Ann Taylor
Scarf – Gap
Sandals – Gap

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Something Fishy is Going On Here

Rules, schmules, no one is gonna tell me what to do.  Not only am I sporting white pants, but I’m also wearing white shoes.  And you know what?….the sky did not fall in.  Who knew.

Maybe it’s because I have on my lucky fishy necklace….

He may be projecting me from “rule breaking harm”. 

White Jeans – Gap
Sweater – TJ Maxx
Sandals – Aerosoles
Fish Necklace – Eden’s Hand Arts

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Swirly Skirt


This skirt was a TJ Maxx find.  I’m loving all the color options that I have to pair with it:  black ( always good, limey green, purple and turquoise blue ) the options will be endless.

These kitten heel sandals are the perfect shade of green.  Don’t you just love when that happens. Karma baby, karma.

Skirt – TJ Maxx
Sweater – Aeria
Sandals – Ann Taylor


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Dressy Shorts

Shorts are frowned upon at my office, but I figured these are long enough that I could pull it off.

I didn’t get tossed out of the place, so I guess they’re okay:)

Shorts – J Crew
V-neck Tee – Gap
Hooded Sweater – Banana Republic
Wedges – Lucky Brand
Necklace – Superhero Design

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Goodbye Old Friend

I know this is a style blog, but this post is being written – for me, please bare with me as I feel like this chapter needs to be told to honor my dear old friend. So here I go…..

Ad-man and I met in the winter of 2001, that was a rough year for everyone, 9/11 happened after all. It was also a tough year of Ad-man and his young golden retriever Bailey. They had seen many changes in their lives and were just finding their equilibrium, two guys making a new life for themselves. Then I happened onto the scene and Ad-man and I fell in love. Bailey was part of the package, and he and I slowly came to love each other too, but that road was a tough one for both of us. He, a young rambunctious puppy and me a lover of small more frilly dogs.

Ad-man and Bailey took a road trip across the country together from New Hampshire to California and back again. He likes to tell people that Bailey peed in 32 states, and swam in the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico. Pretty impressive, no?!

Bailey lovingly accepted my two little Shih Tzu’s and then welcomed a new family member, Meiko, after his old friends were lost to old age.

He certainly took everything in stride, well except for fireworks and thunderstorms and then he could be found hiding in the shower in the basement. Ad-man thinks he may have lived in Kansas in a previous life.

We all enjoyed 9 years of walks, and treats, romps in the snow and summer afternoons playing in the pool. But all good things have their ending and in April the vet found a Mast Cell tumor on Mr. Bailey’s foot, we made the best of his last summer with extra walks and snacks and love in every way we could muster. One morning in July we awoke to a very sick old boy; Ad-man cancelled a business trip and we both hoped that he would rally. That rally never came he was simply too tired and ready to go.

It’s hard to get that timing right, when to let go? You don’t want to deprive them of time they have left, yet you also don’t want a moment of unnecessary suffering. I’m so very proud of Ad-man, for I truly believe that his timing with his best friend could not have been better. He was strong and brave for his buddy every step of the way. Ad-man’s face was the last thing Bailey saw, along with us both telling him what a very special boy he was. That’s how you repay unconditional love!

His name was inspired by George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life, and wonderful it was for him and all of us that had the privilege of sharing our lives with him.

Godspeed sweet boy. Godspeed.

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Skirt Envy

My friend showed up at work recently wearing this super cute skirt, and the moment I saw it I knew I needed one to call my own.  She had purchased it a few weeks prior at TJ Maxx. 

So on my next day off I was on a mission.  My local TJ’s only had a large, (insert sad music).  I politely asked the nice lady at the service desk if she would kindly call a few stores in our area and see if they had it in my size. Well lo and behold a store about 25 miles away had it and put it on hold.

It really is so very, very “me”, and I’ve managed to wear it about 5 times already.

Have you ever seen something on someone else and knew that you could get a whole lot of use out of it? Do any of you have the dreaded “clothing envy”?  I believe it might be the eighth deadly sin:)

Olive Skirt – Max Studio via TJ Maxx
White sleeveless shirt – Ann Taylor
Denim Jacket – Tommy Hilfiger
Wedge Sandals – Born
Necklace – Superhero design

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Holding on to Summer

Summer is my all-time favorite season!  I have no business living here in New England where summer is about 2.4 seconds long.   So, with Labor day weekend looming on my horizon I’m taking this opportunity to wear my white summer stuff.  I know, I know, that ” no white after Labor day rule” is old and no longer worth listening too, but old habits die-hard my friends. 

 I’m just going to sit here and think more about these silly old fashion rules. 

What are your thoughts on white shoes and such after Labor Day?  I’d really love for you all to talk me out of it.

Dress – Gap Outlet
Shoes – Lucky Brand
White Denim Jacket – Gap
Scarf – TJ Maxx
Jewelery – Tiffanys

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Goodbye Irene

I hope that all my east coast friends are safe and that the damage from hurricane Irene was minimal.  My blogging this week is going to be spotty, as it’s difficult to blog and also deal with wind and rain, a frightened dog, and a temperamental computer.  But rest assured I’ll be visiting all of you and seeing what you’ve been up too.

xoxox Doreen

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I felt quite lady-like today in this outfit.  Perhaps it’s the full skirt, or maybe it’s the beads, or even still the cardigan.  But whatever it was I really had that Donna Reed vibe going on.

Dress – Macy’s
Sandals – Nine West
Cardigan – Ann Taylor
Necklace – J Crew

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