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Dressy Shorts

Shorts are frowned upon at my office, but I figured these are long enough that I could pull it off. I didn’t get tossed out of the place, so I guess they’re okay:) Shorts – J Crew V-neck Tee – … Continue reading

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Walking on Sunshine

Nearly every item of summer clothing I own is in the ironing basket, so this is what I could pull together without having to do much work, and induce a heat related sweat attack.  Raise your hand if you HATE to iron!  … Continue reading

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Shopping and Helping

While reading Lucky Magazine a few months ago, I think it was May’s issue, but I’m not 100% sure, I spotted this really beautiful necklace and tracked down a way to make it my own. It’s from an organization called Nest. … Continue reading

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Out On The Lake

My cousins were up from North Caroline for a visit last week and we all decided to take a dinner cruise around Lake Sunapee.  Cause you know, that’s just want tourists do round these here parts.  ( They’re teaching me … Continue reading

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Hot Fun In The Summertime

Ad-man and I were on vacation last week so that’s my excuse for the silence around these parts.   It was a nice relaxing week, and there was really not much reason to dress up.  This outfit is one from a … Continue reading

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Hey Mom, I Like That!

I saw my Mother wearing a really cute shirt a few weeks ago.  I commented on it, and voila, I now have one of my very own.  What a good woman she is, yes?! I was very tempted to pair it … Continue reading

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I Was Just Running In for Paper Towels. Honest!

Foiled by Target yet again.  I was just running in for a few staples, and BOOM! A dress.  It’s so cute, and so easy and I’ll wear it a ton this summer.  It’s not expensive, and it will work in … Continue reading

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A Tree Grows in New Hampshire

We planted this tree soon after moving into our house.  Now, I’m not much of a gardener, but it’s still alive and that’s saying something.  I’m also not a very good thrifter, but last week I scored this cute little linen jacket … Continue reading

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Do you see all that white stuff surrounding me?….well it’s NOT snow.  Nope, no snow here.  It’s spring. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.  *sigh* So here I am still sporting my winter attire.  Are you all as … Continue reading

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Mixing Black and Brown

Before Blogging I never would have mixed brown and black, but many of you lovelies do it so well that I thought I’d give it a try.  I’m actually liking how it works, especially this camel color. It certainly adds … Continue reading

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