On Safari

It’s mid-April and there is no way I can wear my winter duds, but it’s still teeth chatteringly chilly.  I’m fighting this with lots and lots of layers and lightweight scarfs to keep my neck nice and toasty.  The scarf really does help with the office chill too.  Regardless of the temperature the maintenance people turn on the air conditioning on April 1st.  I’d be curious to hear what you fashion mavens do to combat office hypothermia…

Safari Jacket – Gap
Skirt – Old Navy
Scarf – Target
Boots – Nine west
Earrings – gift from my parents

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6 Responses to On Safari

  1. Shybiker says:

    It’s been unseasonably cold here in New York, too. Where’s Spring?

    I like your boots. I noticed in an earlier post that you wear boots with socks that extend a little beyond the top of the boots. That’s an interesting look. I usually go with colored tights, but you’ve put a new idea in my head.

    • Sometimes I just get so DONE with tights, so the socks are a nice alternative. Occasionally they are leg warmers, and a trick I learned from Style Underdog is to cut the tops off a pair of old kneesocks to add a pop of color at the top of the boots. Oh the new tricks there are to learn:)

  2. Joy says:

    I love this look, Doreen! So chic. Is that a belt on your jacket? 😉 (Didn’t you mention something about not liking belts much?) Looks fabulous!

    The up-do looks so pretty!

    You’re the Queen of the Northeast – I marvel at the way you know how to layer and dress warmly yet never compromise style.

    • The Queen of the Northeast – I like that. I’ll be sure and tell my husband you said that, I’m forever trying to get him to understand that fact.

      I don’t like belts, and I do feel squeezed when I wear them, but sometimes my love for a piece of clothing trancends my hate for belts.

  3. I love this look and I think this is perfect layering for combatting the combination of a reluctant spring and over-zealous maintenance folks. As for me, I’ve been doing the skirts, boots, no tights look. The longer skirts, closed toed shoes look. And lots of layers – including scarves because scarves are the best.

  4. Paula says:

    Agh this is such a hard time to dress! You look great, though and I am with you–sick sick sick of tights! am doing the knee sock thing also. Got to wear fishnets today–it was warmer. Love this look on you!

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