Hammock Time

Last weekend Ad-man and I went out with friends to celebrate our Anniversary, oysters and cocktails – yummy!!!  It was cool and rainy so I needed to be somewhat warm.  Welcome to New England, I hope you brought your coat and an umbrella.  Oh, and black fly spray.  I should work for the bureau of tourism shouldn’t I 😉

I must say that having a photographer makes the picture shooting process MUCH more fun. Thanks honey!

Blouse – Lucky Brand
Jeans – Joes
Sandals – Born
photographer – darn handy

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16 Responses to Hammock Time

  1. Allyson says:

    I love how the color in the shoes brings in the detail on the blouse — you look so put-together and everything just pops!

    • I had no idea that these shoes would go with so much. I’m usually more of a neutral shoe gal. I enjoy your blog every day, know that I read even if I can’t comment.

  2. Mike says:

    Nice shoes!

  3. The photos are terrific! I LOVE this outfit! The Lucky Brand blouse is very cool — goes so well with the shoes!

    Glad you had a fun night out! 🙂

  4. Jodi says:

    I love that blouse.. I was searching my closet for something like that yesterday.. to go with my wide leg jeans… very cute!! I love hammocks too…. !!
    have super day!! xoxo J

  5. Shybiker says:

    Where do you get a photographer? Do you have to marry him?

  6. Bella Q says:

    I NEED a close-up of those shoes. The color and the shape look great.

    And a belated happy anniversary to you! Here’s to marital bliss!

  7. Paula says:

    That blouse really brings out the beauty in your face–and I love those shoes! Heard we wont see the sun till Sunday……

  8. brett says:

    thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice feedback
    oysters and cocktails YUM!
    Loving your top and those shoes are the bomb.

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