Walking Softly in the Woods

The ground is a bit wet and mushy, and I’m attempting to tread gingerly here, but it looks a bit like I’m trying out for the U.S. balance beam team. I would flunk that try-out, just so you know.  I have less than zero athletic prowess.  I can however navigate a Mall like no ones business.  It’s good to have a talent.

This would probably be what I’d look like after I was rejected by the team, all sad and pensive…. where oh where did my dream go wrong…?

Speaking of sad, could someone please get that girl a pedi, STAT?!

Gray tunic – J. Crew
White Denim Cropped jeans – Gap
Sandals – Naturalizer via TJ Maxx

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8 Responses to Walking Softly in the Woods

  1. Mike says:

    Are the flash batteries dead again?

  2. Shybiker says:

    I like how the sandals echo the color peeking out up top. And shopping is a talent, too. When they add it to the Olympics, you might take home a Gold Medal!

    • I’d have to agree, I’m a damn fine spender/shopper. Its actually my part time job 🙂 There is a 12 step program for folks with my affliction I believe?!

  3. lol. You crack me up. And, I have to say, we have the same talent! And it is my only talent. Well, shopping and sarcasm. But, enough about me. I love this tunic and I love the color combination. You look fabulous.

    • Oh, yes, sarcasm is our friend. Its the best coping mechanism EVER.

      Thanks for always being so darn sweet Gracey:) ( please note total lack of sarcasm there )

  4. Who needs a pedicure when you have toe bling? Very cute.

    Those cropped white jeans are super cute — love the necklace, too! 🙂 Pretty as always!

    (P.S. You’ve been tagged in one of my posts!)

  5. Paula says:

    Love those sandals–is it stil mud season where you are? Its dry now here.

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