Jeans Week – The Final Chapter

We can all give a collective sigh of relief, jean’s week is now complete.  Our goals have been met, and we shall live to see another day.

This is my first attempt at the cuffed skinny jean look.  I’m not sure if I love it or not.  Bev of Style Underdog ( gosh I miss her inspiration ), was the queen of rocking this look. Bev if you’re reading hurry back to the style nation faithful.

Olive Jacket – Anthro
Shirt – Gap
Jeans – Gap
Scarf – Target
Booties – Born

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10 Responses to Jeans Week – The Final Chapter

  1. Joy says:

    The cuff on the jeans looks great – a nice way to change up your look. You’ve done a fantastic job looking stylish yet casual this week. Congrats on reaching your goals at work! Well done. 😉

    • Thanks for the congrats, we’re not hiring right now, so it seems that we are going to be swamped for a while. Its all good, I’m happy to have a job doing something that I like to do. It was fun to style jeans this week, perhaps I’ll have theme weeks more often!

  2. Kari says:

    Good Job! I would have been down to t-shirts by Friday if it had been me. I love your booties and the striped shirt. And the scarf. I wish I could figure out the scarf thing too. And I agree — cuffing your pants is a great way to change up the look!

    • I was worried that the cuff would make me look stumpy, other fashion bloggers can do it, so I just gave it a whirl. As for the scarf, I just wrap it around and around and tie it in the front:)

  3. I think you did a fabulous job with the cuff. It’s one of those things I’m not super at, but always want to try. I think I have the wrong shoes because it looks just perfect with your booties.

    Happy weekend!

    • Thanks Ms. Gracey. I think it would totally work on you, as you have the gift of height, something I was not blessed with;) As for the shoes, good excuse to go forth and SHOP!

  4. tiny junco says:

    Great Week! brava! i loved that black ‘tuxedo-y’ vest a lot, esp. with jeans – go ma! this is another really nice look – it’s totally ‘understandable’ as ‘causal jeans look’, but the olive jacket, cuffs and heeled booties, and scarf make it unique, flattering, and interesting. definitely living up to the heritage of The Dawg (sob ….. i understand not blogging, but did you have to delete The ARCHIVES?!?!?) heehee, i bet she’s having fun in that place we’ve all heard of, the place called ‘real life’.

    luckily we have selfless bloggers ready to fill her towering heels! 🙂 steph

    • I can only hope to like up to Bev’s lofty standards. I’m sure she thought I was a crazy-mad-stalker-type, but every single thing she wore spoke to me. If I was about 5 iches taller I could only begin to fill her shoes.

      Thanks for the kind words Steph, it was hard making a week of casual work, but it was much for interesting than I thought it would be.

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