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Mixing Black and Brown

Before Blogging I never would have mixed brown and black, but many of you lovelies do it so well that I thought I’d give it a try.  I’m actually liking how it works, especially this camel color. It certainly adds … Continue reading

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Casual Day

From time to time we get to wear jeans to work, usually if there’s a big project that’s under a time crunch.  It’s their way of rewarding our hard work.  It’s fun with come up with ways to dress up for “dress … Continue reading

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Orange You Glad You Have Someone to Love!

Love is all around us, every single day.  It’s the spouse that works hard to keep you comfortable and tolerates all your quirks.  It’s the parents that are always there to listen and to understand and who love you just … Continue reading

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Getting Brave

I’m getting braver with the picture-taking. I’ve now ventured out to the FRONT of my house with the tripod.   The light is so much better outside, and I don’t really mind the 11 degrees, it’s the probing eyes of the neighbors … Continue reading

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Lumberjack Chic

Well, it’s a tiny bit warmer here today, its gonna crack the double digits I hear.  So I figured I’d break out the skirt and hope for the best.  This looks a bit like I’m about to cut down some trees, … Continue reading

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Warm and Cozy

Some days it’s all about function over form.  There was no way to be fashion forward today, it was all about not freezing to death. The temps have been close to 20 below zero.  Now that my dear internet friends … Continue reading

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