Swirly Skirt


This skirt was a TJ Maxx find.  I’m loving all the color options that I have to pair with it:  black ( always good, limey green, purple and turquoise blue ) the options will be endless.

These kitten heel sandals are the perfect shade of green.  Don’t you just love when that happens. Karma baby, karma.

Skirt – TJ Maxx
Sweater – Aeria
Sandals – Ann Taylor


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6 Responses to Swirly Skirt

  1. What a great skirt! As you say, you can wear so many different colors with it. The colors of the skirt are so pretty — love the groovy pattern, too. 🙂

  2. Megan Mae says:

    Gorgeous skirt, I love the print. Lime green was definitely my favorite color this summer.

  3. Natalie says:

    I love a good printed skirt – sooo many options!

  4. Kari. says:

    That is a really pretty skirt! lots of colors to choose from. Sorry that I haven’t been around all that much to comment … your posts are delivered to my email, and I’ve been reading them, but just haven’t had the chance to comment.

  5. Paula says:

    Ew boy I wish I had seen that skirt at TJ’s!!! I am so in love with it!!! So many options…..

  6. B.Inspired says:

    I love tjmaxx!!! You can find some great things there if you are willing to look! This skirt made me think of pucci, I love the print and I like how you paired it with the cardigan and the kitten heels 🙂

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