How Much is Too Much?

Cleavage? How much is too much for work? That’s my question to you my peeps. My entire wardrobe would need to consist of crew neck tops if I insisted on not showing any. I, however do not want to wear high neck things exclusively. It’s no secret that I’ve got boobage…..can’t do nuttin bout that, but I always want to be office appropriate. This dress is a perfect example. It’s cute and summery and easy to wear, but HOLY BOOBAGE. I solved that little issue by wearing a brown tank underneath.

So, over to you fashion Mavens. How much is too much and what would you do?

Dress – Old Navy circa about 1996
Tank – Old Navy
Wedge Sandals – Candies
Necklace – Local Artist in Jamaica

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15 Responses to How Much is Too Much?

  1. Ha ha! I get frustrated with the cut of dresses- now that I have boobs (was an A cup until age 28, now a full and hearty C) because they look lewd without coverage, and sometimes off with a cami under it. I would not show cleavage at work for sure, but now that I “freelance” I am wearing things so not office appropriate I have the luxury of running around saying Hello Cleveland!

  2. Jodi says:

    Youre cute!! I think your dress is a perfect example of tasteful boobage (as you say:). I like the cami underneath and it also adds to the dress. I am also not that comfortable showing too much especially at work… come on, who wants old business men looking there anyway.. ick!! LOL

    • Hey Jodi, I really don’t worry about it when I’m not at work. Girls have boobs, mine are big for my frame, that is what it is and I’m over worrying about it. But I certainly don’t want to be seen as a floosie at work and not taken seriously. Yeah, just say no to creepy old guys.

  3. Lisa says:

    Tank is a perfect solution, I do it all the time! I also think a tank can add a pop of color or texture to the look. So it works double duty, keeps the girls office professional and looks adorable! Live the necklace!

  4. I do try to keep the kids put away at work, but usually don’t have much of an issue with it. Luckily mine are just about right for my frame so they don’t mess with my head too much. But, when I do need to be careful, I have a myriad of lace-trim camis from Old Navy and Nordstrom that I break out to wear under pretty much everything.

  5. Paula says:

    There was a great discussion about this the other day..I’ll email you the link. Personally, I dont like too much cleavage. If you notice on my outfits, I have a dickie/camisole thing for modesty. What you have done is very tastful; but more important–are you comfortable? It looks great!

  6. Shybiker says:

    This is a subject I need to be respectful about — I don’t have any experience with it and should defer to your (and other women’s) judgment on what’s appropriate and inappropriate. It’s educational to read your post and these comments.

  7. B.Inspired says:

    I love your dress and that is from the mid 1990s??? Old Navy does make some really great items and this is one of them! How much is too much? If I see two bumps it is too much. I always wear a camisole underneath whatever it is I am wearing, this prevents low cut items causing distraction and any see through action. Yes I am crazy!

  8. Kari says:

    I love the print on that dress — you just can’t go wrong with saving thing (grin)!. I never had a problem with exposing too much cleavage before (I didn’t have any and I dressed to hide and not to be seen), but ever since I went through menopause, I am now vava voom … and it is quite disconcerting to say the least. I think a cami is great.

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