Easy Breezy

Ah, nothing like getting dressed in the summertime. Toss on a cute cotton dress and you are good to go.  I got this particular one several years ago in Provincetown Massachusetts at one of those little beachy boutiques and its been a summer staple ever since.

The dress is sleeveless so the sweater is necessary due to the arctic cold air conditioning in my office. Brrrrrrrrr.  How do you all cope with the frigid temps in your offices?  I like to walk on my lunch, so it can be a tough balancing act to be comfortable outside and not freezing to death inside.

Dress – Boutique in Provincetown Massachusetts
Sweater – INC. Macys
Sandals – Gap
Necklace – local craft fair

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12 Responses to Easy Breezy

  1. UN-stitched says:

    So glad you are back and feeling good! Love your last three posts, esp the one in the fields! A summery dress and a cardi is an office staple of mine too. Love the color of yours.
    xoxo Christine

    • Thanks Christine, its good to be out and about, it was a long few weeks. I do so wish I could just turn the temps up in the office a degree or two, we here in the North east wait so long for warm weather that I’d like to actually BE warm for a few months.

  2. Shybiker says:

    I love the dress. So light and summery. Most gals carry a sweater, like you, to deal with the extremes in temperature when buildings overreact in Summer.

  3. Joy says:

    Ah, yes! Pretty summer dresses are the best part of summer I’d say! 🙂

    Every office I’ve worked in has had a/c and it’s always too cold. 😦 Incidentally, were you in 4-H or a girl scout or something? You’re always prepared – good for you!

    That dress (especially the color and the ruffle on the hem) is sooo pretty on you!

    Have a lovely day, Doreen!

    • Yep Joy, I was in 4-H. The cooking and sewing one, not the goats and corn one. That comment made me laugh. I am a bit of a control freak and try to anticipate what I might need. Perfecft Mom skills;)

  4. The cut of this dress and the color are amazing on you.

    Because I ride my bike to work, I have all sorts of challenges. Especially if it’s raining and then gets warm, or is hot outside and freezing in the office. I usually dress for the ride in and keep a cardigan at work for the air conditioning and if it rains in the afternoon, well, then, I just get wet.

    Oh, you asked about the platforms with the shorts – I loved them. I tried flat sandals, but the length of the shorts made me look a bit stumpy. I felt much more comfortable with the platforms.

    • I can’t imagine biking to work and getting there and looking as nice as you do. Bravo girl bravo. And what a great green thing to do for our planet!!!

      I agree that platforms negate the stumpy factor, and its just something that my eye needs to get used to. I did give it a try this weekend while I was out doing errends and it’s getting more comfortable for me:) Thanks for the vote of confidence.

  5. Jodi says:

    cute outfit.. yes, its cold here too.. I even wore boots the other day!! Crazy weather.
    platforms and shorts are awesome!! I have to try that!! xoxo J

  6. Paula says:

    Really like that color on you! And sweaters and dresses are a staple. I venture into boleros and short sleeve jackets too. Why do they keep the office so cold? Its some GUY on the controls no doubt…
    Glad you’r back~hope the arm is good. My irises are long gone……

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