Swinging on the Garden Gate

Several weekends ago I found myself shopping with my Mom.  She liked this little plaid dress and encouraged me to try it on.   I’m really digging the preppy laid-back look this summer.  Easy, breezy, throw it on and go….

I just need a freshly baked pie in my hand to properly accessorize this look.

Plaid dress – Tommy Hilfiger
Sweater – also Tommy Hilfiger
Wedges – Candies

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10 Responses to Swinging on the Garden Gate

  1. Mike says:

    So when will we see the pie?

  2. Shybiker says:

    *dazzled* Um… just a minute… Okay.

    The dress is very pretty. What stuns me is how perfectly the sweater suits you — it hits at your natural waist and its horizontal line is subtly echoed by the sleeves which end at the same spot. This inconspicuously draws attention to your attractive, naturally feminine shape. Coupled with your killer-hair, you look like a bombshell. Seriously.

    • Gosh, Thanks Ally!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all want to dazzle don’t we?! 🙂

      Funny, its not a dress/sweater that I’d normally pick off the rack, but as I said my Mom wanted me to give it a try. Sometimes someone elses eye is just what the fashion doctor ordered.

  3. Your Mom has good taste! I myself have always loved plaid. Is it a New England thing perhaps?!

    I have to agree with Shybiker – the sweater highlights your waist and your gorgeous curves! LOVE it.

    • I used to try and hide the boobage/ curves, but I’m getting more comfortable with showing them off. Thanks for the vote of confidence! Plaid and preppy are totally a NE thing I think, although I’ve never lived anywhere else for a long period of time.

  4. Bella Q says:

    I LOVE the dress and the way it fits you! Then again I’m a sucker for preppy- blame it on my penchant for prep in high school. For a different feel, I would add a big bold black black and super stompy wedge platform shoes, like prep girl gone bad. Biker jacker optional. Tell your mama she done GOOD.

    • Great idea about good girl gone bad…..please help me channel my inner bad girl, cause its not something I’m used to doing. How bout if I start with a demin jacket and black sandals? Don’t wanna go too crazy all at once 😉

  5. Paula says:

    Doreen, even though I am not preppy myself, I really like this dress. And you will get so much wear out of this! Thanks for your sweet comments, BTW! Paula

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