Help, I can’t stop wearing denim!

Casual week at work has come to an end, but I just can’t seem to stop with the denim.  I can pull these off on “non-denim” days, because they are cropped and dark wash with trouser details.  I’m so clever with the breaking of the rules;)

Long Sleeved Tee- Gap
Vest – Old Navy
Cropped pants – Gap
Boots – Sudidi
Scarf – Gap

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6 Responses to Help, I can’t stop wearing denim!

  1. Bella Q says:

    I don’t wear jeans very often- unless it’s cut off shorts, but this pair, I love!

    • Thanks Ms. Bella. I do love me some jeans, and these are just fancy enough to be office worthy. I was lovin that leapard coat you where sporting the other day. Now THAT would sure glam up a pair of jeans;)

  2. Joy says:

    That’s another great outfit, Doreen. The denim cropped pants look terrific on you. I’m glad you took a side shot so we can see the boots – gorgeous!

  3. Great use of neutrals. I’m a color fanatic but neutrals are not as easy/comfortable for me, so I love to see them done well in the hopes that some day I too will be able to wear neutrals.

    • Thanks Gracey. I used to be afraid of color, so we are at different ends of that spectrum. I find it easier to re-mix neutrals and make it appear as if I have more clothing that I really do. I’ve been trying of late to spread my color wings if you will. I’m going to take clues from YOU:)

  4. Kari says:

    cute! You look like it’s still cold up there, though! We had 80 degrees today! I can’t believe it (I’m in northern Delaware — as opposed to slower lower Delaware. 🙂 You’re lucky that you can get away with a bit of flexibility with your dress code — chances are I would be called into the boss’s office and get written up …

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