Jodi over at day2daywear is a HUGE inspiration to me.  She was one of the first bloggers to take the time to e-mail me with tips and pointers on how to make this blog a success from the very beginning.  Her words of encouragement really meant a lot to me, and continue to do so….

In honor of her I now give you “the Jodi pose

Thanks to all you lovely ladies who have taken time to read, comment, encourage….that’s what blogging is all about for me.  You all ROCK!

Long Sleeved-Tee – Gap
Denim Vest – J Crew
Skirt – Banana Republic
Boots – Nine West

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6 Responses to Inspiration

  1. Joy says:

    Work it! Love that skirt.

    That’s wonderful you have a “mentor”. 🙂

  2. lol. I love Jodi – she is so fabulous – and I love that you’re doing a Jodi pose!

  3. Jodi says:

    YOURE awesome.. the Jodi pose. thats hilarious.. oh boy I’d better trademark that right away.. like ZOOLANDER.. LOL thanks so much!! xoxoJodi

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