Matching the Great Outdoors


As I was putting this post together I noticed how the colors in my outfit match the colors in the accessory picture.  Lest you think I’m clever, that was completely NOT planned, but I’m loving it just the same.

Denim Button-Down Shirt – Gap
Brown Velvet Pants – Gap Outlet
Sweater Vest – Banana Republic ( I cut the belt off – I hate sweaters that tie)
Boots – Ann Klein
Necklace – Lucky
Belt – Lucky Brand

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4 Responses to Matching the Great Outdoors

  1. Joy says:

    Hi Doreen,

    That’s great how you make it work by cutting off the belt. I on the other hand will buy a sweater solely because it has a belt. 🙂

    Velvet pants – gorgeous! That necklace is so pretty as well.

    Hope you’re keeping warm!


  2. Jodi says:

    very chic and reminds of of Ralph Lauren style.. very classic and kindof outdoorsy looking…! looks good on you!!! hope all is well.. am soo behind on visiting !! sorry about that, doesnt mean I have forgotten about you or anything 🙂 oxoJ

    • Thanks Miss Jodi, its sooooo nice to hear from you. Life sure does get busy doesn’t it?! I never thought about the Ralph Lauren thing, but I totally see it now. I’m really having fun with my camera, I think thats the part I like best!

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