Dressed Down Dress

I got this dress to wear to a wedding, but it’s too low-cut and a bit dressy for the office.  I popped a tank underneath and a fuzzy sweater on top and BAM – new work outfit. 

Here it is at the wedding.  That cutie is my little “sister”.  Isn’t she a doll?!

Dress – Jones New York
Sweater – The Limited
Boots – Sudini

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6 Responses to Dressed Down Dress

  1. Kari says:

    hubba hubba! Look at them boots! Great look. I like it.

    • Thanks Kari, I love visitors it quells me bouts of “why am I doing this anyway”. The boots are not practical at all, if I was required to flee a predator I’d be dead meat.

  2. Joy says:

    Don’t you just love it when you can “rework” a piece of clothing?! Looks fab. I LOVE the sweater. Your hair looks pretty, too!

    • Coming from “Ms. lovely hair”, that means a lot. You really do have great hair sista!

      Yep – stretching your wordrobe is key. I’m on a shopping diet these days, so I’m trying to get creative rather then buy buy buy. It seems to be working. Lets keep our fingers crossed:)

  3. I totally love being able to repurpose an outfit for another occasion by just adding or changing a thing or two. Well done!

    The House in the Clouds

  4. Paula says:

    And so many clothes are way too low lately….what is up with that!!! Good job you found a way around that! So chic. Paula

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