Schoolgirl Chic

I’ve never met a plaid wool skirt that I didn’t love,  perhaps it’s due to all those years spent in Catholic school?

Suede Jacket – Ann Taylor
Sweater – J Crew
Plain Wool Skirt – Gap
Tights – Gap
Shoes – Coach
Necklace – Free People

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6 Responses to Schoolgirl Chic

  1. Joy says:

    That is so gorgeous on you! But I’m partial to the “tweedy” look. I love the necklace and the color of the tights — the whole ensemble. A+

  2. A-Dubs says:

    Excellent stylings! I need to take notes on making plaid skirts look neither too young nor too marmish. Also, oh goddess! Look at those gorgeous shoes!

    • Those shoes are so much fun, but I’m finding as I get a bit older my days of doing much serious walking in heels are about over. For me the trick to make plaid skirts work is to wear them a bit shorter than I normally would and add tights so they’re not too immodest.

  3. Paula says:

    Love to see the sandal-like shoes with tights—great change from boots! So sick of boots~Paula

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