Thrifty Dilemma

Many of you style Mavens out there in the Blog-world wear these amazing things that you’ve thrifted, so I set out to see if I could find any treasures.  In this neck of the woods my options are limited, but a new Consignment store opened right next to my hair salon, so off I went to explore.   On my very first visit I spotted this jacket. I hemmed and hawed over it due to the fact that it’s real fur.  The proprietor and I had a long conversation about fur and the ethics of wearing it.  I’m a BIG animal lover and don’t want to be a hypocrite.  I’ve reconciled it by telling myself that I didn’t purchase it new.  How’s that for major rationalization.  Pretty things will do that to a girl.

Tell me your thoughts of vintage or thrifted fur clothing?  Yay or Nay?

Shirt – Old Navy
Jacket – Juicy Couture – Thrifted
Jeans – Gap
Boots – Nine West Outlet
Earrings – Birthday gift from the Rents

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4 Responses to Thrifty Dilemma

  1. Joy says:

    I highly commend you for even being aware of the ethics surrounding fur!

    If I bought a second-hand fur jacket, if/when anyone were to ask if the fur is real I would first explain that I bought it second-hand — just to make it clear that I don’t support the fur industry. I used to work with a woman who could be VERY vocal about her anti-fur stance and I wouldn’t want anyone harrassing me. This woman used to criticize people for wearing fake fur, which makes no sense to me.

    The coat is practical as well — looks nice and warm! Love the boots with your jeans!

  2. Mike says:

    Nice close up.

  3. Bella Q says:

    I eat meat. Not often, but growing up as a vegetarian, but realizing that some animal protein actually improved my health- I choose to eat meat. I also wear vintage, second-hand fur. Not alot, and not very often, but I choose to be okay with wearing it.
    I am mortified by those that would BURN it, as I don’t think that honors the animal at all, it just shows an alarming willful bent towards a principled stubbornness. Which doesn’t feel very ethical to me personally. (I would never throw paint on someone else’s fur for the same reason).

    I do feel however, that it is a sticky issue. I am alarmed by how my modern society seems to be ok to a gross lack of consideration to animal and human rights in the name of a cheap omelet. Feed lots, caged coops, and fur farms are outrageouly immoral, and I don’t condone them. I would never buy new fur. However I feel that we should be educated in our choices, and then allow others to make their own, and that includes them choosing to wear or not wear fur without any vocal tsking from me.

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