Orange You Glad You Have Someone to Love!

Love is all around us, every single day.  It’s the spouse that works hard to keep you comfortable and tolerates all your quirks.  It’s the parents that are always there to listen and to understand and who love you just the way you are, faults and all.  It’s the friend that pops up after 20 years and it seems like not a day has gone by since you last spoke.   Often we get so busy with our day-to-day lives that we fail to truly appreciate what they bring to our lives.  Today, make sure to stop and savour the love…

Turtleneck – Gap
Sweater – Banana Republic
Skirt – Gap
Tights – Hue
Boots – Coach
Necklace – Bass Outlet

Love – best gift you’ll ever receive!

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3 Responses to Orange You Glad You Have Someone to Love!

  1. Mickey says:

    Great pictures! And very clever caption.

  2. Paula says:

    Cute skirt–love the shorter length and love the boots! The necklace is very unique. Happy Valentines Day! Paula

  3. Thanks Paula! Hope you’re enjoying the nice warm weather. Happy V-day to you too!

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