Matchy McMatchster


This blog is certainly teaching me a whole lot of things that I didn’t know.  First, I suffer from a terrible case of the Matchy-Matchys.  Second, I have a lot more red in my wardrobe that I realized,  and I need more colored shoes.  I have a bazillion pair of black and brown shoes, but need more pops of color on my tootsies. Clearly something needs to be done to remedy this situation.  To the Mall Batman…..

Sweater – Eddie Bauer ( big after Christmas sale baby)
Tee- Old Navy
Skirt – Eddie Bauer ( not on sale, boo)
Tights – Hue
Black Boots – Miss Mooz

Do any of you have tips to help cure the Matchy Matchitis?

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11 Responses to Matchy McMatchster

  1. Mike says:

    Yes, you definitely need more colorful footwear. Perhaps you should consider attending MICAM, the semi-annual show fair in Milan, Italy this coming March.

  2. Mike says:

    I meant “shoe” fair.

  3. tiny junco says:

    well, i don’t think i’m going to be much help here – you don’t look matchy-matchy to me at all! and you’ve done one of my rec’s right in this here look: you have two different shades of grey and a couple of different shades of black, you’ve thrown in the pop of red, and you have different textures in the same shade (knit vs. leather).

    my other main rec is to find an outfit that looks pulled together but un-matchy that you’d like to emulate, and analyze how they pulled it off (and/or do a copycat look by shopping your closet).

    what seems too ‘matchy’ about this to you? i don’t see it (and i’m not known for matching anything at all!) have a great day, steph

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence Steph:) I’m really having fun with this Blog, and perhaps I’m thinking too much about it. I don’t get to crazy with mixing different colors, and I guess that was what I was speaking to…. I’ve seen bloggers mix colors that I would never have thought to pair and they look amazing. The whole point of this is to stretch your creative potential, so I’m just working my way a bit south of “safe”….baby steps. Thanks for the visit, and have a wonderful weekend!

      • tiny junco says:

        ah, okay, i get it!

        working a blog and stalking other bloggers is probably the premium way to hone your style in this day and age – keep on truckin’! steph

      • I do feel a bit like a stalker sometimes….but in the kindest I–love-your-style kinda ways. I just wait daily for my favs to post! How do you manage your blogs? Bloglovin? Friend connect? I’m still learning how to juggle, and I never want to miss the chance to interact, cause that’s the point:)

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  4. Jodi says:

    Hey Babe!! love this outfit.. and grey and red and black are awesome together and look good on you!! I too match alot of stuff… you could check out Kasmira on What I Wore Today, she is really adventurous with color and patterns, a bit out there, but I get alot of ideas from her and then find my version of it… I have tryed mixing patterns too and felt like people were going to point and laugh at me as if i was walking around in a striped jail outfit or something but they didnt.. hah hah.. so it gets easier over time. hah hah… have a good one xoxo J

    • Funny you should mention What I Wore Today, Kasmira is the very first style blog I stumbled upon a few years ago. I’ve been stalking blogs for years before I got the courage to actually join all the fun. And what fun it is, I had no idea how social and interactive this community was/is. Thanks for adding so much pizzazz to my life. Mwah ~ Doreen

  5. Hannah says:

    How about wearing unmatched socks? Hee hee!

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