Tough Girly Girl

Did you ever have one of those days where you needed to feel like a tough girl, yet still wanted to be girly,  sweet and salty, hard-edged yet soft….well this is what jumped out of the closet.  I never pre-plan an outfit, I wake up and see what kind of mood I’m in, what the weather is doing and shoot from there.

I am woman hear me roar!

Long Sleeved Tee – Old Navy
Distressed Denim Vest – J Crew
Skirt – Eddie Bauer
Biker-esque Boots – Nine West
Scarf – who even remembers, it’s from the 80’s!
Coat – Old Navy
Fuzzy News Boy Hat – Macy’s

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4 Responses to Tough Girly Girl

  1. Jodi says:

    OMG that pink coat is fabulous.. that color looks amazing with your hair color too!!! and those boots… ohhhh I have a boot fetish so thats always something I love!!
    looking good babes!! xox J

  2. OMG, I can TOTALLY do this outfit. We are TWINS, like, for reals!
    (that took a lot of energy to channel my 80’s self. how did I do?)

    • I’m down with TWINS. You are the hipper, cooler, rocker chic that I can only hope to be. As I’ve said before I’d wear every one of your outfits with pride. 80’s girls unite!

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