Short Skirt and a Looooong Sweater

You know the song Short Skirt/Long Jacket by the alternative rock band Cake?  This outfit had me singing that song. It’s not a long jacket, but rather a long sweater, close enough. Right?!

Wikipedia says “the lyrics suggest a girl who has left party lifestyle and joined corporate America.  Yep, did that many moons ago.

It was hard to be a party girl, as I could never stay up past 11pm.  How hard-core am I?!

Now that I’m all grown up and married and responsible and whatnot, I can just live vicariously through the lyrics of pop songs, all the while getting plenty of my much-needed beauty sleep.

Looooong Sweater – Gap
Short Skirt – J. Crew outlet
Long Sleeved Tee – Gap
Tights – Hue
Boots – Sudini ( great brand for those of us with slender legs)
Necklace – Lucky Brand – Macys
Watch – Michael Kors

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4 Responses to Short Skirt and a Looooong Sweater

  1. You have great legs! That song was my ringtone for awhile. Yes, you and me, hardcore as long as it’s before 10 p.m.

  2. I love a long jacket/sweater and a short skirt! And you look great in that short skirt–I love short skirts but must be careful now….
    I was one of those ones up all night; bad girl. Paula

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