Don’t You Just Love a Bargain

 So, I’ve been eyeing this little “Mister Roger’s” vest at Banana Republic, but could not pull the trigger at full price.  This past weekend while wandering the sale rack I noticed it all by itself and 75% off. Score!!!!!

With the money I saved, I got a new scarf to keep my neck nice and toasty.   I’m loving the post-Christmas shopping season.

Mister Roger’s Vest – Banana Republic
Long Sleeved Tee – Gap
Trouser Jeans – Gap ( worn to work, where jeans are prohibited, shhhhh, don’t tell)
Boots – Born
Necklace – Lucky Brand at Macys

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3 Responses to Don’t You Just Love a Bargain

  1. lol–Mr. rogers…..cute pose; cute outfit! Great score~Paula

    • Thanks Paula,
      I’m always happy when I get a deal!

      Happy to link to your blog, you have great style, and I’m wanting to see more of your beautiful artwork. I’m obsessed with Asian culture, that picture of the zen tree really caught my eye.

  2. PS thanks for the link!

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