Yodeling Lessons Anyone?

This outfit has a bit of an Alpine Folk vibe to it, don’t you thing?!  I feel like I should be taking yodeling lessons.  That might be fun.  Regale your friends and neighbors at the next cocktail party with a new and eclectic talent….yodeling; sure to make small children and animals head for the hills.

Cropped Sweater – Gap
Long-sleeved Tee- Gap Outlet
Cropped pants – Banana Republic
Boots – Miz Mooz
Necklace – Lucky

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6 Responses to Yodeling Lessons Anyone?

  1. Karen Perry says:

    Happy Birthday Neiko………..

    You look great Liz and I think it’s wonderful that most of the stores that you shop in are located here as well and reasonably priced….. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Karen! Part of my mission is to prove that that you can look cute, on a shoe-string and without the help of a personal shopper. Meiko sends his very best for the good wishes as well:)

  3. Yodeling; you made me laugh! Cute jeans and boots–I think the cropped look is so much better with boots, no? Paula

    • Hi Paula, Welcome to my tiny corner of the interwebs. It was getting a bit lonely over here, come on in and take your shoes off. Can I get you a cup of tea ? To answer your question, yes, I really do like the cropped pant/boot combo. We have a strict “no jean” policy at work, but they seem to let cropped demin go. Please come back, my door is always open. Going to check out your blog now…

  4. Bonnie says:

    I like this look a lot – it’s stylin and whimsy at the same time.

    Let’s see, you said you wear jean skirts to work as well as these cropped pants even though demin is frowned upon – you seem to be a little bit of a rebel, yes?

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