Chilly Knees

It’s only January, and I’m already tired of wiggling into tights.  Is it me, or do they make everyone’s stomach hurt?   Word to the tight industry, could you please make them not so squishy? Please?  Help a girlfriend not feel sausage-esque. Meanwhile, I solved that problem by going sans tights today.  My kness where a tab chilly going from the car to the office, but a small price to pay.

Jacket – Gap
Long sleeved tee – Old Navy
Skirt – Bass Outlet
Boots – Coach (2008)
Scarf- Boston street vendor

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2 Responses to Chilly Knees

  1. Hannah says:

    Doreen, I love that you are able to make up wonderfully fasionable outfits with clothes that are affordable! You are quite talented, my friend. You inspire me, if you haven’t noticed by my style improvements over the past month…I know…I still need to work on not liking gray so much though. 🙂

  2. Thanks Hannah, you are too cute, and I love that you’re trying new things. Its always good to stretch and grow. The leggings and dress where perfect on you. As for gray, well, I love it too and black and brown… there is no bad color, so you go with your bad self and do what makes you happy. I have to give you Kudos for your running inspiration. I’d have never done that 5K without your help/support. We’re a good team!

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